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ServiceNow Global Impact Report

ESG Report 2022, ServiceNow

Biophilic design means better outcomes from every environment

The Case for Biophilic Design, Built Blog

Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Annual Report 2021, HMHI

Sage Condos installs EV charging stations

Sage Condominiums Case Study, Enel X

Cities find different options to finance sustainable energy projects

Financing Sustainable Energy, GE Power

Citizen science fills the gaps in environmental monitoring in many environments

Citizens Fill Gaps in Environmental Monitoring, Idexx

Ventilation and filtration are critical for healthy indoor environments

Ventilation and Filtration Guide, Sunbelt Rentals

Engineered wood brings environmental and other benefits to construction projects

Building with Mass Timber, Built Blog

What happens when cyberattacks shut down power grids?

Power Grid Systems Shutdown, Siemens

Research helps pin down the value of spine surgery for patients

Spine Surgery Value Equation, University of Utah Health Sciences

How long does it take to charge a Nissan Leaf?

Nissan Leaf Charging Time, Enel X Juicebox

Wastewater testing helps identify locations where COVID-19 may break out next

Wastewater Surveillance for COVID-19, Idexx

Snow droughts damage water quality

Snow Droughts Impact Water Quality, Idexx

Hybrid energy systems can replace diesel generators and reduce fuel use, emissions, and noise.

Hybrid Energy Systems, Built Blog

How should I charge an Audi e-tron?

How to Charge the Audi e-tron, Enel X

Solar light towers use renewable power from the sun to keep the lights on

Solar Light Tower video, Sunbelt Rentals

Artificial intelligence adds a new dimension to personalizing customer interaction

AI-Powered Personalization, Adobe

Wildfires impact water quality in the short and long term

Wildfires Impact Water Quality, Idexx

Improve indoor air quality during the pandemic and beyond with this 5-step guide

Indoor Air Quality Guide, Sunbelt Rentals

These FAQs cover everything you need to know about water well testing

Water Well Testing, Idexx

Hardwired and plug-in charging stations provide unique benefits depending on your situation

Hardwired vs Plug-In Charging, Enel X

Oregon's Steen Mountain is an airborne oasis miles from anywhere

Steens Mountain, Backpacker


This is just a small sampling of the work I've done in my 20-year career. If you don't see work that reflects what your organization does, contact me-—chances are I've written about the topic or created the asset.


"Hybridization: Making the Best of Both Worlds," blog article, GE Power

"Four Energy Trends Combine to Reshape Power Worldwide," blog article, GE Power

“Diesel Generators Go Green—And Might Just Go Away Entirely” blog article, Bluebeam Software

"Pharmaceutical Plant Stays Online with Rapid, Coordinated Emergency Power Solution," case study, Sunbelt Rentals


"Wildfires Impact Water Quality in the Short and Long Term" blog article, Idexx Laboratories

"Citizens Fill Gaps in Environmental Monitoring" blog article, Idexx Laboratories

"Snow Droughts Impact Water Quality in Midwest and Southwest" blog article, Idexx Laboratories


"How to Charge the Audi e-tron" blog, Enel X

"How Long Does It Take To Charge a Nissan Leaf?" blog, Enel X

"Hardwired versus Plug-In Charging Stations" blog, Enel X

"Sage Condominiums," case study, Enel X

"Olympics Clear the Air in Atlanta," article, Inside ITS


"Can a New, Zero-Cement Solution Thwart Concrete Sewer Pipe Failure?" blog article, Built Blog

"Solar Powered Light Towers," video, Sunbelt Rentals

"The Industrial Internet at Work in Heavy Industry," white paper, GE Digital

"Supercomputing and Exascale Computing Overview," web article, Intel

"What's Next for High-Speed Flight?" article, Discovery Online


"Is Your Office Designed for Wellness?" blog article, Built blog.

"Indoor Air Quality Guide," eBook, Sunbelt Rentals


"University leads the fight against common brain tumor," article, University of Utah Health Sciences Convergence magazine

"Neuropace calms storms in the epileptic brain," article, University of Utah Health Sciences Convergence magazine

"Citius, Altius, Fortius--Purius? Genetic doping and Olympic athletes," article, New York Academy of Sciences Update magazine

"Cholesterol: The good, bad & ugly," blog post, University of Utah Health Feed


"Reaching Out to Oregon on Aquatic Invasive Species: From Awareness to Action," communications plan, Oregon Invasive Species Council.


"Oregon's Steens Mountain: An Airborne Oasis," article, Backpacker Magazine


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