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Most of us know Adobe thanks to Photoshop and PDFs. But their work at the intersection of art and science expanded in recent years to include the Adobe Marketing Cloud and integrated solutions for marketing in the digital age. To help prospects understand just how powerful these can be, Adobe provides "guides" for critical topics--like mobile maturity, programmatic creative and email marketing.

As my editor noted, "Brilliant Advertising" takes a complicated but beautiful mathematical construct to explain a complicated but effective advertising concept. Sound too hard? Just look at the pictures and scan the stories.


"Email Comes of Age" starts with a message sent at 12:33 EDT on May 3, 1978, and shows how, after staying a gawky teenager for far too long, email has finally launched.

And the voluminous "Touching the Infinite" sums up Adobe's latest research on mobile and tells you about some of the companies doing it best. The bottom line: You need to be where your customers are and mobile is the only way to do that.

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