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Two decades of content and copy writing experience. I know a dozen ways to tell your story in your brand voice to achieve your goals. I earned an MA from one of the Top 25 U.S. journalism schools. Then I wrote for nonprofits, agencies, and top global brands to gain a wealth of marcom experience. From them, I learned how to successfully create assets from blog posts to white papers, podcasts to presentations. I’m also Hubspot-certified in content marketing.

Solid background in physical and life sciences. When I realized I knew more about rocks and minerals than plants and animals, I went back to school. I earned degrees in geology and environmental sciences and complement that with experience as an engineer. Your subject matter experts don't need to spoon feed me the basics. Instead, we talk about the best approach to tell your story and inspire your audience. You can count on me to get across your key messages in an informative and persuasive way.

Knack for understanding and explaining the complex. I start a lot of SME discussions with “let’s assume I know nothing about this topic.” That’s not usually true, but it helps me uncover nuggets to entice your audience. I’ve written on dozens of topics over my career and that helps to ensure your audience feels how a product, service, or solution can make their lives and the world a little better.

Passion. Truth is, I studied geology so I could go hiking. And it’s a major reason I’m self-employed—so I can clear my schedule and get outside. I'm a 2022 Boston Marathon finisher and an even more avid trail runner. I learned that sustainability will help ensure upcoming generations can enjoy the same experiences of environment, culture, place, and people that I have. I’m also a certified wildlife rehabilitator and a supporter of many nonprofit organizations.


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